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Welcome to the the TLC Library!

Library Information


About the Library

We are excited for another year the TLC library.  Even though our library is small, we have thousands of fabulous books for your children to enjoy! Our collection previously belonged to St. Bernards, so you may notice most books are still marked St. Bernards.  All books are property of TLC. 

We will have book memorials if you would like to purchase a book or donate in someone’s memory. Please contact me for more information. 


We also welcome volunteers to help read, shelf books, etc. We take both monetary donations and book donations!

Library info/Book Check-out


  • Students will have library class on Mondays.  Books may be checked out then. 

  • Pre-k students may check out 1 book and all other grades can check out 2 books. 

  • All books are due 1 week from check-out (Books can be renewed!).

  • Books are to be placed in the library drop-box when finished. Students can drop them anytime.

  • Students cannot check out new books until previously checked out books are returned.  

  • Any lost or damaged books must be paid for or replaced in order for children to check out books.


Thank you to the United Way for their generous donation to The Learning Center!


We used some of the funds to pay for our yearly library software expense. We use an electronic cataloging system that allows us to organize books, check out books, search for books by title or subject, etc. etc.

Without it our library would have to function much differently.


So thank you United Way for helping us to help our kids have easy access to books! 

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